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7145Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Firmware Release suggestion

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  • MCH
    Dec 31, 2012
      I posted an example of a downside based
      on the use of that exact feature.

      Should it be considered, of course. But, it's not
      a simple win-win feature. There are drawbacks.
      (not to mention the fact that there will be users
      whose scanner works one way, and others whose
      scanner works a different way. That will confuse some)

      If it is added, I would hope it will only be as a user-settable
      feature, as I want the scanner to scan when it is in scan mode.

      Joe M.

      Doug Hutton wrote:
      > My suggestion is a very simple one with no downside that I can
      > think of and deserves some serious consideration.
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