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7069Re: [BCD396XT] Need Bluetooth Adapter

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  • Clark Rennie
    Nov 14, 2012
      A follow up on this topic.
      I ordered and received a BTT005 but it will not pair with my Jabra BT125
      It might be because I don't think the BT125 is a A2DP profile and the
      manual for the BTT005 states that it supports A2DP profile.
      I don't know if that means A2DP only or what.

      I also ordered and received a refurbished Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter and
      it works perfectly with my BT125.


      At 01:12 AM 11/9/2012, you wrote:

      >Not as cheap as others, but the BTT005 looks pretty small - maybe half
      >the size of the A120S (about the same size, but half as thin). Looks to
      >be in the $25-35 shipped range on eBay.
      >I haven't tried these, so I can't say how well they work, but it's got
      >the right plug on it.
      >There are other units that are around $10 shipped, but they look larger.
      >Still, that should work. for those, search on the terms "bluetooth
      >adapter 3.5 -usb" (minus the quotes, of course).
      >Joe M.
      >MCH wrote:
      > > I noticed some cheap BT adapters on eBay earlier this week. I didn't
      > > look too hard since I am currently not in need of any, but I noticed it
      > > had the correct size plug for the 396 (3.5mm).
      > >
      > > Joe M.
      > >
      > > Clark Rennie wrote:
      > >> My Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter no longer works (battery , etc. ) and
      > is no
      > >> longer available nor is the Jabra A120S.
      > >> Any suggestion for a replacement adapter with either a 2.5 or 3.5 mm plug.
      > >> I use this with Bluetooth ear piece when in a crowd.
      > >>
      > >> Clark
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