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7001Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Fried It I think

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  • MCH
    Oct 7, 2012
      If you will only accept an answer from UPMan, that is fine. But, I will
      tell you that you shorted one side of the speaker to ground and
      increased the load on the audio amp. Again, if you don't want to believe
      me that is fine.

      I will let you know that many radios do not use speakers that are
      grounded on one side. It may not be common knowledge, but it should be.
      Never assume anything about radio design.

      As for speakers, the colors can be anything the manufacturer puts in
      them. It's usually what is supplied by the speaker manufacturer (who has
      no idea what they are being connected to). I've seen black/red, two
      blacks, two whites, two greys, yellow/gray, Etc. Sometimes one side of
      the speaker was grounded. Often, it is not.

      Why didn't you use a meter to check the voltages between the points you
      were connecting? (often if there is a voltage difference it's not a good
      idea to connect those points)

      Here is one more common error that ill-informed people do: They connect
      the ground side of a mobile radio to the battery. NEVER do that. I had a
      competitor install a commercial two-way radio in a vehicle this way. The
      vehicle lost the ground between the chassis and the battery. Guess where
      ALL the starting current went; Right through the radio's ground wire
      which was the only path left. It literally fried the radio and they are
      lucky they didn't burn the vehicle up. Just another one of those things
      that should be common knowledge, but isn't. Some will say if you fuse
      that like, it makes it OK. It still isn't OK. Just connect the ground
      side of the radio to the chassis.

      I know none of this does you any good at this point, but maybe it will
      help the next person. When in doubt, ask first. I'm pretty sure the
      manual does say to not ground the speaker.

      Joe M.

      radioboy75 wrote:
      > I realize you said it was a rhetorical question, but I had to respond here.
      > I guess I would connect it that way because it was my understanding that it IS ground.
      > Doesn't the black wire on a speaker indicate "ground" and the red, "signal"?
      > Apparently not . . .
      > Some lessons you learn the hard way . . .
      > I wish I was more informed about that sort of thing. It doesn't appear to be common knowledge . . .
      > Perhaps UPman could explain what I did and why I shouldn't do it.
      > SVA
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