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6993Fried It I think

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  • Scott
    Oct 6, 2012
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      OK, so despite the ever so clear warning about connecting the grounds on the earphone jack and the chassis ground, I did what any good ham would do to eliminate a ground-loop hum -- grounded the whole thing, including my audio hardware (yep, and the earphone jack) to a common ground.

      Well now I've damaged the radio and cannot power it externally or charge the batteries through the radio. I think I may have damaged the voltage regulator.

      When I hook up external power, it takes quite a long time to do anything, but eventually a message comes up that says "illegal voltage".

      Obviously, something is amiss here.

      Two questions:

      1. Why is it wired that way? You might imagine someone would tie the grounds together.
      2. What would the repair cost?

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