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6985Re: [BCD396XT] Re: Static version of Twiki manual Was: out of space already?

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  • MCH
    Sep 28, 2012
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      If you have SEARCH WITH SCAN enabled, it would still search it if you
      hit the SCAN button.

      Search with Scan is not a global setting - it's set for each search
      category so you can activate only some searches.

      How you enabled it? Who knows. The important thing is that you now know
      how to enable and disable it.

      If you want to use it sometimes, assign it a SQK that way you can
      quickly enable or disable it.

      Joe M.

      Guy Teague wrote:
      > but why is this search acting differently from the normal service scan in
      > that hitting the 'scan' key doesn't dismiss it?
      > and i went through the menu system like 18 times and i can't find a global
      > setting to suppress search with scan. each service search has it's own
      > setting, viz:
      > menu // search for ... / edit service / ham radio / search with scan /
      > ?lset ockout?
      > and i went through each service search and each one had the quickkey set to
      > '.' and the 'set lockout' toggle set to 'locked out'. of course, by then i
      > had locked out the ham search using the fn+l/o+l/o key sequence.
      > so the question remains, how did i get one of these searches started? it
      > sure can't be all that difficult as i've done it 3 times now under
      > different conditions. we've already determined that the same search started
      > from the menu item will quit when the 'scan' key is pressed. and none of
      > the searches had any of the quickkeys or number tags or anything assigned.
      > so it must have been the '.' key they are all set to. but i cannot for the
      > life of me get one started using any combination of function and that key.
      > /guy (73 de kg5vt)
      > On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 2:04 AM, MCH <mch@...> wrote:
      >> **
      >> What you want to do is FUNC then the lockout key *TWICE* (FUNC-L/O-L/O).
      >> You are only temporarily deleting it from your scanning. That is why it
      >> is coming back when you cycle power.
      >> The manual describes several ways to stop searching with scanning. The
      >> above is one method. Going into your scanner options and disabling
      >> SEARCH WITH SCAN is another way.
      >> Joe M.
      >> Guy Teague wrote:
      >>> well, i did it yet again. i don't understand how i can so easily get that
      >>> ham search going (it's not the default search, nor is it assigned to one
      >> of
      >>> the 3 src keys) and not be able to stop it. i did the 'f+l/o', but
      >>> everytime i do anything with the radio it comes back again. if i upload
      >> or
      >>> download it comes back. and i don't understand why i have to lock it out.
      >>> why can't i disable it or turn it off? lockout implies it is running all
      >>> the time and i don't want it running at all unless i go into the menu and
      >>> select it.
      >>> i received my scanner master documentation today of the book and quick
      >>> reference card and of course they explain how to start all the searches
      >> but
      >>> not a frigging word about how to stop 'em! is 'f+l/o' the only 'off'
      >>> switch? i just turned the radio off and back on and sure enough, i'm
      >> still
      >>> in ham search and the dammed thing is i have no idea how i started the
      >>> search in the first place.
      >>> ok, i pressed 'hold' and then 'f+l/o' on the ham search. it displayed
      >>> 'temporary lockout'. i don't want a 'lockout' of any kind, i want to turn
      >>> off the dammed search until i specifically want it.
      >>> and of course, another power off/power on cycle and it's back again. so
      >>> this time i hit hold plus the 'l/o' twice. and that locked out the
      >>> frequency it was holding on. perhaps my mistake is hitting the 'hold'
      >> key.
      >>> perhaps i have to turn off every other system first so i can make sure
      >> i'm
      >>> operating on that search, let's try that:
      >>> and that only temporarily locks it out again.
      >>> ok another try. powered off, then on the radio. back in ham search. this
      >>> time i did 'f+l/o+l/o' while it was searching and the radio responded
      >>> 'locked out'. this time it seems to have stayed locked out.
      >>> so now i get brave and go into the menu and start a ham search from the
      >>> search service menu. i hit 'f+l/o+l/o' and it tells me 'nothing locked'.
      >>> arrrrrgggghhhh! it appears that simply hitting the 'scan' key puts it
      >> back
      >>> in default scan mode and has stopped the service search, which is the
      >> exact
      >>> behavior i've been expecting all along.
      >>> so how did i get it into the service search from hell mode that doesn't
      >>> respond to the 'scan' key turning it off? and can you please come over
      >> with
      >>> your soldering iron and burn out the part of the user i/o chip that
      >> allows
      >>> me to do this so frequently by accident? [g]
      >>> thanks, /guy (73 de kg5vt)
      >>> On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 8:39 PM, Guy Teague <accts@...> wrote:
      >>>> thanks again paul. it's a lot of keystrokes to remember, i'm struggling
      >>>> with all the modes and options.
      >>>> and i found out which system torpedoed me the other day: fort worth
      >>>> trunked public safety. it has 527 talkgroups, i'll have to prune that
      >> one.
      >>>> /guy (73 de kg5vt)
      >>>> On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 7:37 AM, Paul Opitz <pmanu44@...> wrote:
      >>>>> **
      >>>>> To lock out a search (or any system), F+L/O, L/O while in that search
      >> (or
      >>>>> system).
      >>>>> ________________________________
      >>>>> From: gteague <accts@...>
      >>>>> To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      >>>>> Sent: Tue, September 25, 2012 9:08:41 PM
      >>>>> Subject: [BCD396XT] Re: Static version of Twiki manual Was: out of
      >> space
      >>>>> already?
      >>>>> so, this has necessitated a re-boot in my thinking and put a dead stop
      >> to
      >>>>> me
      >>>>> setting up this radio. it's obvious that before i go one step further,
      >> i
      >>>>> need to
      >>>>> find some instructions on how to escape, reboot, reset, or otherwise
      >>>>> easily get
      >>>>> back to the configuration i started with given that it's so
      >> ridiculously
      >>>>> easy to
      >>>>> get into a wrong mode you can't easily exit from.
      >>>>> i ended up having to download a stored configuration back to the radio
      >>>>> just in
      >>>>> order to get it to stop scanning the ham bands. can't do that once i'm
      >> in
      >>>>> my
      >>>>> car--i'd just have to turn off the scanner and toss it into the glove
      >>>>> compartment. and worse, i don't even know what my mistake was. perhaps
      >> i
      >>>>> held
      >>>>> the function key down for 1.5s instead of .5s when i was trying to
      >>>>> disable group
      >>>>> #2? i don't know--haven't the faintest idea.
      >>>>> /guy (73 de kg5vt)
      >>>>> --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "gteague" <accts@...> wrote:
      >>>>>> and, as it happens, i'm in dire need of that section right now. i was
      >>>>> playing
      >>>>>> with virtual control in freescan and somehow got the damm thing
      >> scanning
      >>>>> one
      >>>>>> system and doing a ham search. i don't know if it's doing a service
      >>>>> search, one
      >>>>>> of the 1/2/3 quick programmed searches, or just a frequency search. in
      >>>>> any case,
      >>>>>> i can't get the damm thing to stop searching! the uniden web page is
      >>>>> very
      >>>>>> helpful on this topic, viz:
      >>>>>> To start the search assigned to a Search Key, FUNCTION + tap that
      >>>>> Search Key.
      >>>>>> yeah, well how about how to STOP it! i never assigned any search yet,
      >>>>> thus i
      >>>>>> don't even know which key to try to toggle on/off.
      >>>>>> i'm beginning to realize why my 396t sat idle for 3 years--i lost the
      >>>>> ability
      >>>>>> to use it due to hardly anything being intuitive enough to fix
      >> without a
      >>>>> manual.
      >>>>>> don't feel bad uniden, the yaesu vx-nn series is just exactly as bad,
      >>>>>> necessitating that you carry two, 80-100 page quick guides just to
      >>>>> operate it.
      >>>>>> well, i'm completely stumped. i went into service search and tried
      >>>>> starting a
      >>>>>> ham search and it starts, but there's no way to stop it that i can
      >> tell.
      >>>>> i'm
      >>>>>> just going to completely reset the radio and reload it from one of my
      >>>>> backups.
      >>>>>> geeeeeeeeeesh! i just can't believe i've been in radio for 45 years
      >> and
      >>>>> built
      >>>>>> the very first pc from a kit and this little brick is completely
      >>>>> destroying any
      >>>>>> dignity and geek cred i had left. [g]
      >>>>>> one conclusion i've reached already is that if i can put the whole
      >>>>> radio out of
      >>>>>> commission basically with one errant keystroke and can't recover, you
      >>>>> could
      >>>>>> never use this thing in an emergency situation unless you are 100% up
      >> on
      >>>>> every
      >>>>>> contingency and the use of every key and key combo available.
      >>>>>> /guy (73 de kg5vt)
      >>>>>> --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, Bob Burns W9RXR <w9rxr_@> wrote:
      >>>>>>> At 04:12 PM 9/25/2012, Upman wrote:
      >>>>>>>> I recommend you use the static page version of the site. It is
      >>>>>> instantaneous.
      >>>>>>>> http://info.uniden.com/twiki/pub/publish/BCD396XT.html
      >>>>>>> On this page:
      >>>>>>> http://info.uniden.com/twiki/pub/publish/keysandtheirfunctions.html
      >>>>>>> All but two of the links under "Key Functions in different operation
      >>>>>>> modes" are broken.
      >>>>>>> Bob...
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