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6955Re: [BCD396XT] out of space already?

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  • Shawn Kurschner
    Sep 25 6:41 AM
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      When you reprogram, make sure you are overwriting systems with the same
      name. I was creating a ton of duplicates on mine. Just something to check.

      On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 12:35 AM, gteague <accts@...> wrote:

      > **
      > so i got my 396xt in today to replace an old and worn out 396t. from the
      > specs, the 396xt should have 3-4 times the memory of the 396t, so i was
      > unconcerned as i imported some systems from radiorefdb using arc_xt (i
      > think--i'm trying out 3-4 different software pkgs), but i was putting in
      > only my 4th or 5th trunk system when i got a message that i was out of
      > space for talkgroups. i had at least 7 trunk systems in my 396t along with
      > a bunch of conventional freqs.
      > now i admit i haven't had time to go through all my reading for this
      > scanner yet--i'm doing that right now. but until i can find out the answer,
      > can anyone tell me what sort of limit i likely ran into? sorry, i can't
      > remember the exact systems i was importing nor which one put me over the
      > limit, but i do know the first three were tarrant county (tx), ne tarrant
      > county, and arlington. i had also put in some misc conventional such as
      > frs/gmrs/murs, but they shouldn't count against my talkgroups, right?
      > and i admit that even though i used the 396t for years, i never thoroughly
      > understood trunking other than talkgroups shared a pool of frequencies over
      > a control channel. arc and other software combined with radio ref db makes
      > it very easy to import such systems without knowing the exact plumbing of
      > them.
      > thanks,
      > /guy (73 de kg5vt)


      *Shawn Kurschner*

      *Manitowoc, WI USA*

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