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6941Re: [BCD396XT] "Nothing to Scan" - I think it's a software bug

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  • MCH
    Sep 20 11:27 PM
      It's not a bug. The scanner did what you told it to do.

      You have to understand that once you turn off everything on a System,
      the scanner starts scanning the next one in line. If there is no 'next
      one', then it gives the error of 'nothing to scan'. So, you decide to
      'turn a group back on'. The scanner is supposed to decide which System
      you want the group turned on for? I have hundreds of Systems. You could
      argue that you want it turned on for the last active system, but then
      it's really not logical that you want to turn on something you just
      turned off.

      I try to remember to enable *before* disabling, hence avoiding the issue
      entirely. If I'm disabling an entire System, I use the SQK, not a GQK.

      That said, the FUNC-Scroll with FUNC-# method works fine - all the time.
      You just have to be in HOLD mode when you use it (hit the HOLD button if
      you were not in that mode previously). I've used that method many times.

      Another workaround is that you could simply add a group with an unused
      conventional frequency (or TG for trunked Systems) and assign that *no*
      GQK and leave it unlocked. That way, it will be impossible to disable a
      System by disabling all the groups. After all, that IS the issue - a
      user disabling all Groups in a System.

      The above are pretty much the definitive answers. You may not like them,
      or call them "blah blah blah", but all three methods work fine. I use
      the first one (enable before disabling) with the second as a backup.
      I've never found any need to go to the third method.

      One man's bug is another's operator error. To me, the bug would be
      scanning a System that has everything disabled.

      Joe M.

      Steve Wilson wrote:
      > Yes...this seems to be a frequently asked question, but I have yet to find a definitive answer. Frankly...I feel it is a defect in the software. I can use the Func + # combination to turn on and off groups within a system. But once you you turn off all groups and get the "Nothing to Scan" message, the Func + # doesn't work to turn them back on! Logically, doesn't it make sense that it should work ALL the time, not just some of the time? I've seen some posts with directions to use the Func and the knob, but that doesn't seem to work. As another poster mentioned, the only thing that seems to work is to plug in the software cable and reload.
      > I've seen similar posts, but the answers are the usual blah blah blah about how the scanner works and how to turn on and off systems and/or groups.
      > The one pattern that I am seeing is this seems to be an issue with conventional systems and not trunked systems.
      > Again...this seems to be a software bug. Can someone confirm? There was no change between the last firmware version and 1.10.
      > Thanks, Steve
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