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6805Re: [BCD396XT] Scanning Help

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  • Paul Opitz
    Jul 11, 2012
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      The answer depends on why ARMER isn't being scanned. It could be:
      * Enable the SQK assigned to the nearest ARMER site and disable the SQK
      assigned to the conventional system.
      * Unlock the site and lock out the conventional system.
      * Program the site correctly and delet the conventional system.
      * Enable the GQK assigned to the channel group(s) in the ARMER system.
      * Unlock the channel group(s) in the ARMER system.
      * Program some channels into a channel group in the ARMER system.
      * ...

      From: Kristy <ziebarth715@...>
      To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wed, July 11, 2012 7:36:06 PM
      Subject: [BCD396XT] Scanning Help

      I've had my scanner for well over a year and never been able to figure it out. I
      have two groups: a conventional system and the ARMER group. My scanner will only
      scan the conventational group which has no channels in it. How do I get it to
      scan the ARMER system instead of the other one?

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