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6729Re: [BCD396XT] Another dumb question

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  • Clark Rennie
    Jun 6, 2012
      What is the correct Band Plan for a system with these frequencies ?


      At 06:47 AM 6/6/2012, you wrote:

      >It should be programmed as a Motorola VHF system (not P25). You must enter
      >the band plan for the system.
      >Set all channels as digital.
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      >emailing me directly
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      > > From: Jeffry Rehm <scanman1958@...>
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      > >Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 8:06 AM
      > >Subject: [BCD396XT] Another dumb question
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      > >Trying to program, by hand, the Scott AFB (IL) TRS. It is listed as a
      > Motorola Type II Smartnet but it is also a P25 system.
      > >½A0
      > >Do I program the system as P25 or as a Motorola system with each talk
      > group programmed to receive digital only?
      > >½A0
      > >Also if I program the system (or site) in search mode in stead of scan
      > mode is there anything tricky with that?
      > >½A0
      > >I have many trunked systems in my scanner but this one is, for some
      > reason, giving me fits. Right now the only way I can hear voice traffic
      > is to program the frequencies as a conventional system. At least that way
      > I do get NAC 94 to show up on the screen.
      > >½A0
      > >Simply put I can't get the system to receive/decode any talk groups. I
      > must be doing something wrong. Again I program everything by hand.
      > >½A0
      > >Thanks ahead for your help.
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