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6723Re: 396XT not tracking individual calls on Tait P25 system?

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  • Jeremy
    Jun 4, 2012
      Thanks for the feedback Dave; at least I know it's just not an isolated
      incident with the local TriMet system here in Portland, Oregon. Guess we'll
      have to wait and see if any fixes are forthcoming? Not many systems seem to
      use Private Call in this area, even the older Motorola Type 2 systems.


      I have the same problem in E Idaho. Uniden scanners don't seem to be able to
      track i-calls when Tait radios are involved, although I don't know exactly
      why. I have also heard this from other Uniden owners on other P25 Tait radio
      systems. GRE scanners seem to track the i-calls OK. Unidens should track
      i-calls ok on Motorola P25 systems.


      --- In <mailto:BCD396XT%40yahoogroups.com> BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com,
      "Jeremy" <n7ryy70@...> wrote:
      > A P25 system is currently being installed in the Portland, Oregon area for
      > the local transit agency to replace existing 450 and 800 systems. The
      > is manufactured by Tait. I have been able to track group calls on the
      > just fine with my 396XT, however when they switch over to individual calls
      > am not able to hear them, unless I scan them conventionally with another
      > radio. If I park the radio on the control channel I am unable to see any
      > activity, unless there is a group call going on as well. I have put the
      > individual call wildcard in the scan list, with no change. I have not
      > tracked an individual call on any other P25 systems, as we don't have many
      > P25 systems in this area in active use yet, so I don't know if the scanner
      > will track it on a Motorola or other manufacturers P25 system.
      > it sounds like this system will make alot of use of individual calls.
      > Another interesting thing to note is that when watching this system with
      > Pro96.com software the individual call conversation shows up for about 1/2
      > second or so before it disappears, even though the conversation is still
      > going on. Is this a bug that can be looked at for a future firmware
      > Thanks
      > Jeremy

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