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6697Re: 396XT not tracking individual calls on Tait P25 system?

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  • thewenk
    May 31, 2012
      I have the same problem in E Idaho. Uniden scanners don't seem to be able to track i-calls when Tait radios are involved, although I don't know exactly why. I have also heard this from other Uniden owners on other P25 Tait radio systems. GRE scanners seem to track the i-calls OK. Unidens should track i-calls ok on Motorola P25 systems.


      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Jeremy" <n7ryy70@...> wrote:
      > A P25 system is currently being installed in the Portland, Oregon area for
      > the local transit agency to replace existing 450 and 800 systems. The system
      > is manufactured by Tait. I have been able to track group calls on the system
      > just fine with my 396XT, however when they switch over to individual calls I
      > am not able to hear them, unless I scan them conventionally with another
      > radio. If I park the radio on the control channel I am unable to see any
      > activity, unless there is a group call going on as well. I have put the
      > individual call wildcard in the scan list, with no change. I have not
      > tracked an individual call on any other P25 systems, as we don't have many
      > P25 systems in this area in active use yet, so I don't know if the scanner
      > will track it on a Motorola or other manufacturers P25 system. Unfortunately
      > it sounds like this system will make alot of use of individual calls.
      > Another interesting thing to note is that when watching this system with
      > Pro96.com software the individual call conversation shows up for about 1/2
      > second or so before it disappears, even though the conversation is still
      > going on. Is this a bug that can be looked at for a future firmware upgrade?
      > Thanks
      > Jeremy
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