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6552Re: [BCD396XT] Systems With Separate Base & Mobile Channels

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  • Milton Engle
    Apr 9, 2012
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      System Hold is a manually entered function. Press the HOLD button for 2
      seconds and the scanner stops scanning all systems and stays on the selected
      system, scanning only what is programmed into that system. Be sure to do
      this while there is activity on a channel in the system.

      If you want to scan just the state police LB two frequency simplex radio
      system, I would recommend a second analog only scanner programmed to receive
      just base and mobile frequencies with no delays.

      Scanning a two frequency simplex (aka semi-duplex) system is rather hard to
      do in conjunction with scanning other frequencies. A mobile only hears the
      base frequency unless equipped to receive the mobile channel as well, and
      the base side only hears the mobiles.

      A scanner would stop on the first signal received, wait for any delay to
      expire, and resume scanning. If the order of channels is: base freq, mobile
      freq, freq 3, freq 4, etc.; and the scanner hears a transmission on the
      mobile freq., it will have to scan through any and all other channels before
      returning to the base frequency (providing that none of the other channels
      are active), often resulting in missing some or all of the base

      Putting it another way, the more channels you try to listen to, the less you
      will actually hear.


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      Subject: [BCD396XT] Systems With Separate Base & Mobile Channels

      > All:
      > Our local state police are still using some low band channels with base
      > stations on one cfrequency and mobiles on another. An LTR system I
      > occasionally monitor exhibits similar behavior. Is it possible to get the
      > x96XT to hold on a system for a few seconds to see if a response is heard
      > on
      > another channel? I thought I saw a "system hold time" option in Freescan
      > but
      > wasn't sure if this would work (it hasn't seemed to). Is there a trick to
      > setting both the delay (for the channels) and the hold time (for the
      > systems)? I'm guessing what's happening is System Hold says "scan for x
      > seconds and move to another system," but does it also hold for that many
      > seconds after a monitored channel's carrier has dropped and delay has
      > expired?
      > Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Tony
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