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63Re: [BCD396XT] Multi-site functionality

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  • Frank Leidy
    Oct 18, 2008
      I would also like a hint at how the mutli-site would work. Is it a "first
      lock" operation, or would it listen on all sites that a programmed into the

      I can think of three great examples where the latter would be nice to have.
      OK. There's really 4, but the one example is very local to me. Ohio's
      MARCS, Indiana's SAFE-T net, and South Carolina's SCANA all essentially work
      the same way. You really have to be listening to multiple sites some times
      to be able to hold a conversation.

      I'm currently within scanning distance to at least two MARCS towers. It
      would be nice to have both towers in one system and scan them both.

      Paul, can you throw us a bone on this one?


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      > The wiki for this radio does mention "Multi-Site support":
      > http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/BCD396XT
      > And I also seen something about it on the official press realease.
      > Maybe Paul O. can elaborate a little more on how it works and such and
      > if it virtually works like how we have it already on the GRE
      > PSR-500/600.
      > On Sep 29, 2008, at 5:46 PM, jad270 wrote:
      >> There was quite a bit of debate on the 396 forum when it first came
      >> out regarding the ability to hold on a talkgroup that site (zone) hops
      >> as the transmitting radio travels through the coverage area and
      >> re-affiliates with different sites within the radio system. It would
      >> be nice to be able to stop on a particular talkgroup and let the radio
      >> scan all receivable control channels within a system while holding to
      >> find or track the talkgroup. It's a pain to be listening to a
      >> conversation that disappears because the conversation has moved to a
      >> different site, control, and voice channel. Just thought I'd bring it
      >> up again, as last time (Feb/Mar 2005) it was too late in the 396's
      >> development cycle and here we are again on the doorstep of another
      >> generation of scanner development.
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