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6281Re: [BCD396XT] I Calls with the Bcd396xt as well as status bits

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  • Ronski45
    Feb 11, 2012
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      I have already set all the ICALLS for your radio.

      Personally Ive never heard any icalls on consumers energy, I'm sure some
      have though.
      Ive only heard them on Saginaw and some on the MPSCS. Be advised they
      are a rare thing.
      How do you set them ? Manually - make a new talkgroup, then hit the .
      button twice and then the 0

      In freescan add this is a talkgroup -> i0

      Again I did that already for you.

      Status bits - From my knowledge they are only for type II Motorola
      systems. MPSCS / Saginaw is not

      Either in a search here or at radioreference.com im sure many answers to
      your questions already are available. You dont need to make an account
      on radioreference unless you post.

      Also more freescan support here -

      Also more 396xt support here -

      On 2/11/2012 7:50 AM, Jerry Mader wrote:
      > How does the bcd396xt handle status bits?
      > Also how can i get the ICall feature to work on my bcd396xt in an EDACS
      > system. Is there some kind of talk group ID i need to program into it?
      > And how do I do that?
      > Thank you.
      > Jerry Mader
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