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6249Re: [BCD396XT] Quick keys for system/groups

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  • MCH
    Feb 4, 2012

      Jerry Mader wrote:
      > Sorry for not understanding this all the way, I can't comprehend too well.

      I could have explained it better, too.

      > I apologize, but what I'm trying to do and maybe you could tell me how I'd
      > do this for example is have 2 systems.
      > A winter start up configuration and a summer one.
      > With startup key 1, i would have all my winter systems that i listen too in
      > the winter on start up key one.
      > Then when i hit startup 2 all of those would be disabled and the summer
      > config with the summer oriented systems and talk groups would be enabled and
      > the winter one would disappear until winter again.

      You have the concept down. That's exactly one way it could be used.

      > But for this I'd need to upload 2 sets of the same systems right, can I do
      > that or will it mess up the scanner?

      You can do it with two uploads AS LONG AS you don't erase the scanner
      contents when you upload the second set. You can also upload both at the
      same time.

      > Reason I'd need to do that is that set one would contain all of my winter
      > systems and some of them will be duplicates, such as police and fire and
      > such. But then it would also add in the school buses, and plow trucks and
      > stuff. With system two i wanted to be able to upload that one under start up
      > 2 and that one would have still the groups for the state police things like
      > that as system one would have, but would turn on the parks, and recreations,
      > and sky warn repeaters and stuff like that.
      > How would i do this so it would work the way I'd want it to do so? Or can't
      > I do this at all?
      > Jerry Mader

      What you want to do is possible and would work very well. Just make sure
      your winter systems are assigned Start-Up Key 1 and your summer systems
      are assigned Start-Up Key 2. You can upload them both at the same time.

      Using them is simple. When you want to unlock your summer systems, hit 2
      when the scanner is powering up. When you want to unlock your winter
      systems, hit 1 when the scanner is powering up.

      Any system not assigned a Start-Up Key will not be affected by the
      reconfiguration, so you could have a THIRD system with your common
      channels and assign that no Start-Up Key, and remove them from both of
      the other systems.

      Basically, the Start-Up keys are mass-lockout/unlock commands. Only the
      systems assigned to the Start-Up key pressed will be unlocked, while ALL
      OTHER systems assigned different Start-Up Keys will be locked out.

      Funny how much easier it is to explain in the morning as opposed to 1 AM
      at night. ;->

      I'm assuming you have a large number of Systems that you want changed by
      the Summer/Winter configuration. If not, it might be easier to use a
      System Quick Key to enable or disable them. That way, you could easily
      enable both of them if you like.

      Joe M.
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