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6246Re: [BCD396XT] Quick keys for system/groups

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  • MCH
    Feb 3, 2012

      Jerry Mader wrote:
      > What do you mean by that?
      > I'm using the Bcd396xt.
      > But i don't understand what you mean by it's used for racecar functions.
      > sorry.

      No problem. SQK 0 is used in some models (such as the BR330t) for race
      car functions. As such, it is not available and there could be some
      compatibility issues if you or someone else tried to use your file in
      such a scanner.

      > But anyway yeah that's what i did wanna know.
      > Also Joe if you or anyone else could tell me, if I uploaded say a file with
      > a bunch of systems and set that to start up key 1. and then loaded a
      > different configuration and set it to start up key 2. would this let me kill
      > one configuration which would have the channels in the default, of 1. And
      > load the new start up two config or is this totally something different
      > altogether.

      Well, you would need to load them both at the same time unless you are
      not erasing the contents on the second write.

      Using the different Start-Up keys allows you to duplicate the SQKs
      without slaving them together. Without the Start-Up key difference,
      enabling one would enable them all. With the Start-Up key, all the ones
      assigned to a different Start-Up key would be locked out and not enabled
      when you enable that SQK.

      Clear as mud? It's not that easy to explain (especially at 1 AM).

      Joe M.
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