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6243Re: [BCD396XT] Battery Charge Time

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  • MCH
    Feb 3, 2012
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      Richard wrote:
      > On Average ...
      > How long do you notice it takes to charge the 2300mah batteries in the unit.

      About 14 hours.

      > Does anyone know what the charge rate is when the unit is turned off, and when the unit is turned on?

      Not offhand, but it is the same. The wall wart has enough power that
      using the scanner does not tax the charge current.

      > The default 14 hr charge time seems too long.

      Nope. It's dead on the standard charge rate. If you want a faster
      charge, you can do what I and many others do - buy a rapid charger that
      can charge the cells in as little as an hour or so. But, such units have
      circuits that are designed for rapid rate charging. The 396 does not.
      They will also do something else the 396 cannot - optimize each cell and
      fully charge the cells without overcharging them.

      Translation: It's really not a good idea to use your scanner to charge
      cells. Buy the dedicated NiMH charger that charges the cells
      individually. I like the Maha brand, but there are several good ones out

      Joe M.
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