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6124Re: [BCD396XT] Uniden 396XT and discone

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  • John
    Dec 27, 2011
      lol, you have short trees Joe :) Even at the height my antenna is I am no
      where near the tree tops. It plays havoc with any signals, but then this is
      flat Indiana farm land around here.

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      OK. The rest of my 'story' is that I am at an average elevation for my
      area. I have valleys 400 feet lower and hills 400 feet higher. I have a
      fair horizon in most directions except ENE.

      But, putting my antennas up 65-70 feet means they will be above the
      treeline that is currently shading my antennas (not so much this time of
      year, but greatly in the summertime).

      But, the same is true on top of those hills. In each case the relative
      performance of the antennas I mentioned is the same. True, you do get
      more range on the hills, but that just means the numbers go up.

      Joe M.

      Brian wrote:
      > Ummm... You only need tall antennas if your area(Home) isn't very high!
      > If the home is on top of a mountain. You only need to put the antenna on 1
      > foot poll above the house or use something else. Plus using a short cable
      > to the antenna. :-)
      > Talking about antenna heights doesn't really mean anything. You need to
      > talk about the whole area with it.
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      > From: MCH
      > Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 19:43
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      > Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Uniden 396XT and discone
      > If I put either the Scantenna or a VHF Ringo Ranger up 65 to 70 feet, I
      > almost guarantee I will have reception on all 7 weather channels. I've
      > got 5 of them just 5 feet above my roofline.
      > But, I understand you have had good luck with Discones. I have not.
      > Joe M.
      > John wrote:
      >> Usually but I found that some do just the opposite. As for discones I
      >> have
      >> never had an issue with them. With the present one that is up at 65 to 70
      >> feet it's picking up 4 weather stations, one of which is in Ohio 50+
      >> miles
      >> away. Unfortunately I do not remember where I got it or which model it
      >> is. I
      >> remember it cost barely under $150 but that’s all. I have had it for 10
      >> years and it's survived a tornado only loosing part of one radial, not
      >> bad
      >> considering two of my towers came down along with 40 trees in my yard!
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