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6122RE: [BCD396XT] Uniden 396XT and discone

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  • Brian
    Dec 27, 2011
      Ummm... You only need tall antennas if your area(Home) isn't very high!

      If the home is on top of a mountain. You only need to put the antenna on 1 foot poll above the house or use something else. Plus using a short cable to the antenna. :-)

      Talking about antenna heights doesn't really mean anything. You need to talk about the whole area with it.

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      If I put either the Scantenna or a VHF Ringo Ranger up 65 to 70 feet, I
      almost guarantee I will have reception on all 7 weather channels. I've
      got 5 of them just 5 feet above my roofline.

      But, I understand you have had good luck with Discones. I have not.

      Joe M.

      John wrote:
      > Usually but I found that some do just the opposite. As for discones I have
      > never had an issue with them. With the present one that is up at 65 to 70
      > feet it's picking up 4 weather stations, one of which is in Ohio 50+ miles
      > away. Unfortunately I do not remember where I got it or which model it is. I
      > remember it cost barely under $150 but that’s all. I have had it for 10
      > years and it's survived a tornado only loosing part of one radial, not bad
      > considering two of my towers came down along with 40 trees in my yard!
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