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6114RE: [BCD396XT] Uniden 396XT and discone

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  • W4KRR
    Dec 27, 2011
      Maybe the coax is shorted somewhere, or you have an improperly installed
      connector. How long of a coax run is it? In some cases the cable losses
      can exceed any benefit from an external antenna.


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      Subject: [BCD396XT] Uniden 396XT and discone


      I write here because I am quite disappointed with my 396XT handheld.

      I use it with a Nagoya NA-771 antenna and the general perfomance it is quite
      good. Last week I set up a double discone antenna on the roof
      together a top low loss Ecoflex cable, just to say that the perfomance
      let much to be desired. I can hear much stuff with the Nagoya.

      Yes, the attenuator is off and I have checked all the connectors, wire,
      installation and everything is fine.

      Now I regret selling my beloved AOR AR5000 in order to buy this Uniden.

      Anybody has this problem? Would it be better to sell it and buying a
      Realistic pro 2006 ?

      Thank you and best wishes !

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