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5832RE: [BCD396XT] Receiving Saginaw county's system on the BCD396xt

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  • Jeffry Rehm
    Sep 30, 2011
      Simulcasting is very tricky. I live near the IL StarCom system and if you are in an area that is near a cluster of towers like I am then "receiving" a signal into your scanner can be difficult. If you are near, lets say, three different towers and they are all transmitting the same info at the same time (I know this doesn;t happen on a regular basis but it can) the distance from each of those towers is slightly different. I have been told that even a millisecond or three makes the sound garbled. I think (not sure here) the radio or scanner is trying to process the signals at the same time. I know I am wrong here on some level but that might be what is goinjg on.

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      From: Jerry Mader <maderradionetwork@...>
      Subject: RE: [BCD396XT] Receiving Saginaw county's system on the BCD396xt
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      Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011, 10:57 PM


      Nope i don't know where the other signal is coming from exactly but here's
      my opinion on what's wrong with it.
      Note: I'm not a radio tech, nor do i work for Motorola, nor am i a police
      officer of fire officer but have friends who are.
      But here we go lol.
      I think it's because there's too many towers clustered together on one freq.
      I wish they'd must move the controlled channels around say and give each one
      it's own control frequency or would this break the simulcast? For example,
      Bridgeport would have, it's own control frequency, then birch run, then
      Saginaw township, then Hemlock, like that.
      Not all clustered up together on one frequency.
      Like i said it's nuts, and I'm thinking of calling up to central dispatch
      and saying "look we have a problem here, this is endangering your officers'
      lives" But i don't think it would do me any good you know.
      Like they'd listen to me, some dude with a scanner! lol But still i wish
      they would.
      Ever since this stupid system came online no one has been able to grab it
      and before they put their system online, everyone could hear the digital
      system the state police tower in Bridgeport came in awesome.
      Now it's not doing so hot.
      Also i hear a lot of fire departments complaining about how crappy it is,
      and that they liked the other system better because For example, when they
      go into a building and it's on fire, (my friend who's the fire chief told me
      that Bridgeport Spalding, Chesaning Brady and birch run told him, and he's
      experienced it too as he's one of the albee chiefs,) they get out of service
      messages on their radio display and it beeps as if it can't read the ctrl
      channel, but the emergency medical services don't have any trouble with
      their radios just fire and police.
      So I'm wondering what i could do to help them out.
      As i see this as an endangerment to officers' lives here.
      Even the State Police division who used to get it to come in good, can't
      So something's dreadfully wrong. A few of my friends on that division told
      me about it being crazy and as soon as they come in to my area the radios go
      nuts and can't find the control channel. You can hear it fine but don't try
      to scan it, it just sounds terrible.
      SO should i give central a call on the non-emergency number, and let them
      know or would this just be bothering them so to speak?
      Along with central dispatch, who else can i call to get this fixed, i think
      they have one tower too strong and the other ones just as equally strong, i
      think they need one tower maybe, that is the strongest one then the rest
      should be weak enough that the other controllers don't interfere in my
      opinion but maybe I'm wrong here.
      Jerry Mader


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      Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Receiving Saginaw county's system on the BCD396xt

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      From: Jerry Mader <maderradionetwork@...
      <mailto:maderradionetwork%40gmail.com> >
      Subject: [BCD396XT] Receiving Saginaw county's system on the BCD396xt
      To: bcd396xt@yahoogroups.com <mailto:bcd396xt%40yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011, 5:50 AM

      I hope this isn't off topic and if so I apologize but Had a question about
      the Saginaw County system in Michigan on the BCD396xt.
      I was looking over the forum on RR today about the Saginaw County system.
      I seen an article on multipath signals .
      Here it is for you to look at too.
      and wondered if anyone ever tried to use the Attenuator on the scanner and
      how good that worked?
      Did it cause the signal to drop just enough to get rid of the problem or did
      it make the problem worse?
      and can you adjust the Attenuation level on a channel with this scanner or
      is it stuck to only one level of 10 db like my other scanner used to be?.

      I can give a report on my question about how well it worked for me, once i
      get the scanner in my hands come Christmas as well.
      I was thinking I'd try it as well, but wanted to see what the rest of you
      thought and if it worked or not.
      Because this exact same problem used to happen to me using my older digital
      scanner before it went to pots.
      I'm not expecting the system to come in clearer with the BCD396XT i just
      figured ok, time for a better scanner with more features and the ability to
      scan ltr as i have a few of those systems I like to listen to but couldn't
      with the older scanner.

      I live in Albee township. And even the fire chief whose a friend of mine
      said to me that his radio gets bad reception half the time where he's
      located and he's not far down the road from me.

      But anyway anyone having any luck scanning that system or is it a bear to
      scan even after attenuating the signal?
      Sorry to ask so many questions i just was curious if attenuating the signal
      helps solve this issue of distorted digital transmition for anyone scanning
      the Saginaw county TRS here in Michigan.

      Jerry Mader

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      Do you know what and where the "other" signal is? Maybe there is a radio out
      there that is off frequency or way over the wattage limit. Just a

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