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5758Loud audio clips when using PL tones

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  • jwpottberg
    Sep 2, 2011
      Hi, haven't posted for a while, was wondering if there is a firmware update that fixes this problem. With certain transmissions I get dropouts during audio peaks when using PL tones (both DPL and CTCSS). The problem always goes away when I turn off PL tones (set to Search or None), but of course I then get unwanted transmissions. Normal or quiet transmissions never have the problem. I have also compared the same transmissions using the same PL and mode on my BC246 and have never had the problem with it. I have had my 396 for over 2 years and have gotten the impression the loud audio overpowers the PL filter so it can't hear the tone it is set to. I say this because in Search mode during those audio peaks you can see the tone that is decoded change or stop altogether. I have seen other posters with this problem and some say to change the mode from NFM to FM, but I have not had much success doing this.

      I have to say that overall I really love this radio and obviously this glitch does not stop me from using it, but it sure would be nice if it didn't have it :)

      Thanks for any info
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