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5755RE: [BCD396XT] System hold time

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  • Walter Campbell II
    Aug 30 9:38 PM
      Just a bit of help for you with the Illinois Starcom system, join the Carma yahoo group, there is a bunch of people on there that will be able to help you along your way. Im still learning my self.


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      System hold time and system delay are two different things. I can tell you for sure that the system delay can only be set for the entire system you are scanning. I myself, in my own honest opinion, hate it. I would much rather set the delay for each channel, whether it is in a trunked or conventional system. The system hold time has some cool advantages once you learn them. I feel your pain with the learning curve. It took me months to even feel slightly comfortable using the scanner. It is a marvel of technology.

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      Subject: [BCD396XT] System hold time
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      Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 2:12 PM

      Just purchased my 396 and new to the group. Am trying to learn this radio AND the Illimois Starcom system at the same time. I used to think of myself as technically oriented, but these have my head spinning. I am plowing through it and getting it day by day.

      My question pertains to hold time or delay. On the conventional systems, is there a way to adjust the delay or hold time for individual frequencies? I'm using ARC-XT and it looks like I can only set the delay for the whole system. In the past, I never set delay on repeater freqs, because there's a delay built into the systems, anyhow. I'd only set delay on simplex freqs.

      I'll probably be back with more questions.

      Matt Collins

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