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  • Rick
    Aug 10, 2011
      I switched to the Eneloops and am very happy with them. I think the run time is comparable to the original batteries plus these retain a charge in storage which is great for my use. I have three sets for my 396XT and rotate through them. When I travel I take all three sets with me and get through a typical weekend this way and recharge when get home. I use them in my HP-1 too.

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Dean B. Dalrymple" <deanbdalrymple@...> wrote:
      > Not too long ago I did some research on those 2900mah batteries and
      > apparently that's not the true reading. They are only available from
      > bottom end second rate manufactures who are manipulating the numbers
      > and the testing process to get that reading.
      > My favorite set of batteries has been Duracell's. (not the
      > pre-charged ones, but the regular rechargable) The set I had were
      > 2650mah and they were fantastic. Unfortunately something happened to
      > them or my charger last year when I moved and two of them keep coming
      > up bad (along with about half of my rechargable batteries).
      > It looks like Duracell has reduced them to 2450, but I would still
      > recommend them.
      > Dean
      > At 05:37 PM 8/9/2011, you wrote:
      > >LSD eneloops made by Sanyo and are rated at 2000mah?
      > >I read somewhere that there were some 2900mah batteries
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