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5634RE: [BCD396XT] New Batteries

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  • Dean B. Dalrymple
    Aug 9 7:03 PM
      Not too long ago I did some research on those 2900mah batteries and
      apparently that's not the true reading. They are only available from
      bottom end second rate manufactures who are manipulating the numbers
      and the testing process to get that reading.

      My favorite set of batteries has been Duracell's. (not the
      pre-charged ones, but the regular rechargable) The set I had were
      2650mah and they were fantastic. Unfortunately something happened to
      them or my charger last year when I moved and two of them keep coming
      up bad (along with about half of my rechargable batteries).

      It looks like Duracell has reduced them to 2450, but I would still
      recommend them.


      At 05:37 PM 8/9/2011, you wrote:
      >LSD eneloops made by Sanyo and are rated at 2000mah?
      >I read somewhere that there were some 2900mah batteries
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