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5614Re: [BCD396XT] BCD396XT Intermediate Frequencies / image reception

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  • MCH
    Aug 2, 2011
      What you are describing has nothing to do with the XT - or any radio for
      that matter. It is classic 2A-B intermod (AKA mixing). Where it is
      mixing could be anything from the PA of the NOAA transmitter to a loose
      connection on your roof. It could also be mixing in the front end of
      your receiver.

      CTCSS will only help if the 147.080 frequency CTCSS is different than
      that used on 154.740 MHz. Or, you can use an RF filter (AKA cavity)
      which may or may not help the problem. It will help if the mix is in the
      front end of your receiver. It will not help is the mix is anywhere else.

      You would likely hear the same thing on any receiver tuned to 147.08 MHz.

      The only significance of 7.66 MHz is that it is the separation of the A
      and B transmitters, and of the A transmitter and your receive frequency.

      The same thing will often happen with any two transmitters where you are
      trying to monitor a frequency that is 2A-B MHz away.

      In your case:

      162.400 = B
      154.740 = A

      Joe M.

      ANDY - WY5V wrote:
      > In looking up the specifications for the scanner I find the following information:
      > 1st IF: 380.7 to 380.8 MHz / 265.5 to 265.6 MHz
      > 2nd IF: 10.8 MHz
      > 3rd IF: 450 kHz
      > I know that there is an IF shift feature. But before I use it, I want to know if there is anything special about 7.66 MHz. The reason I ask. I have discovered that when two particular transmitters are on the air, I hear them both on another frequency. Here are the stations involved:
      > 162.400 KEC56
      > 154.740 KLD811
      > 147.080 RX only
      > KEC56 is the local NWS All Hazards Radio station. So it is on the air continuously. When KLD811 keys up, I hear them both on my scanner on 147.080. Here is the arithmetic:
      > 162.400 - 154.740 = 7.66 MHz
      > 154.740 - 147.080 = 7.66 MHz
      > So, does anyone know if there is anything special about 7.66 MHz inside the BCD396XT?
      > Andy
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