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5604System/Group Scanning

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  • tuckyguy08
    Aug 1 2:15 PM
      As part of my programmed configuration I have ICIS (Mot Type II/P25) setup on it's own system, and then the majority of Los Angeles area and surrounding cities combined into 1 (Mot Type II/P25) (Los Angeles) and 5 (Conventional) other systems (Los Angeles NE, Los Angeles NW, Los Angeles SE, Los Angeles SW, and Los Angeles W).

      I have much more programmed, but isn't necessary for my question.

      It appears my scanner stays in only one system and doesn't go to the other systems. Now some of it is to be expected because of GPS settings locking out areas I am not in. However, it seems if I am scanning ICIS for instance, it doesn't include other systems which may be in the GPS area at the time. I hope I have described this well enough for you to get the idea.

      Is there some sort of setting I may have accidently clicked to cause this? I don't think I have always had this issue. For instance, I want to monitor ICIS as well as local fire and law enforcement that are not part of ICIS but in the geographical area I happen to be in which is programmed correctly and works great. I just need all to get along together.

      Any ideas?


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