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5575Re: BC 396xt

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  • dataman60435
    Jul 17 12:58 PM
      I don't own the PSR800 but i have a GRE500 and a Uniden 396XT, here in ILL on the ILL-Starcom 700/800 Statewide system my Uniden 396XT out performs the GRE500 by far...The GRE500 sits there and cannot handle the towers on a multi-site Chicago area systems but the Uniden 396XT decodes 98% of the traffic...Its one of the best scanners i have owned in my 40 years scanning....As far as the other "post" on here i have "STARCOM" programmed two ways, the whole system is in SYSTEM QK-28, the towers near my location are programmed seperatly in other SQK's as UPMAN mentioned in his post....

      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "kc8vpx" <kc8vpx@...> wrote:
      > Howdy,
      > New owner of the BCD396xt. Was curous if a custom frequency list can be installed to this scanner and if anyone has built one for michigan? How do you rate this scanner compared to the PSR500 and PSR800?
      > Thanks.
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