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5403Re: [BCD396XT] Group Lockout Question...

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  • MCH
    May 2, 2011
      I gotta ask, Jim. If you have that single channel, that will keep the
      System 'alive', but how do you then get back to it to re-enable a GQK,
      as a single channel will scan extremely fast.

      Joe M.

      Jim Walls wrote:
      > On 5/2/2011 1:30 PM, Lance wrote:
      >> I had two groups scanning under a system the other day and in disabling one, I then disabled the other.
      >> I was not able to bring the groups back up again. I went and unlocked them, but had no luck. Had to use
      >> FreeScan to fix the problem.
      >> So, if I inadvertently do this again in the future, how does one bring the groups back without using software.
      > My solution to this problem is to program one channel in each system
      > that is in a group all to itself and has NO Group Quick Key. The
      > channel is set to NEVER hear anything. The result is that under no
      > circumstances will every group in the system be locked out and
      > therefore, it's easy to bring the desired groups back.
      > I found this MUCH easier then having to remember how to do the procedure
      > (or to do it while driving).
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