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  • Jim Walls
    May 2, 2011
      On 5/2/2011 8:42 PM, Lance wrote:
      > Can you explain this in another way perhaps?

      Sure. Best way is to use an example. For this example I have a system
      for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. In that system I have 8
      groups which have Group Quick Keys 1 - 8. I also create a 9th group
      which has NO Group Quick Key and has only one channel programmed. I
      call that 9th group "Keep alive" and I name the one channel in that
      group "Keep alive". The frequency programmed in 500.025 with some DPL
      on receive. Since that is the bottom of TV channel 19 which happens not
      to be used for TV here in Los Angeles, the squelch will never open on
      the Keep alive channel.

      If I turn off all the Group Quick Keys, the "Keep alive" group will
      still be active so therefore the rest of the groups can be turned back
      on easily.

      In case you have not figured it out, I ONLY use System Quick Keys to
      turn systems on and off, and ONLY use Group Quick Keys to turn groups on
      and off.

      Jim Walls - K6CCC
      Ofc: 818-548-4804
      AMSAT Member 32537 - WSWSS Member 395
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