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5363RE: [BCD396XT] Re: marine AIS and BCD396XT

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  • Michael Martin
    Apr 15, 2011
      Any politician will tell you "it's not illegal unless you get caught".


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      Well, it doesn't say it's illegal to decode, either, if we are going to
      pick nits. It says it's illegal to "intentionally intercept" it.

      For all practical purposes, that means receive in the case of audible
      communications or decode in the case of data communications.

      And there are a ton of exceptions in addition to Law Enforcement. Most
      people do not qualify under any exemption unless their job involves
      communications services.

      Basically, the ECPA makes everything illegal to intercept, then exempts
      some services such as Business, Industrial, Public Safety, Ham, and some

      Joe M.

      johnstark wrote:
      > To rephrase this a bit, it's not illegal to receive it, it is however
      > illegal to decode pagers, MDT's and so forth. It is illegal to monitor
      > things like cordless phones even though they are in the clear. I'm still
      > a loss why the OP openly admits in a public forum
      > to decoding this stuff, that's Federal Time! There are however provisions
      > for law enforcement to be able to monitor these transmissions for
      > investigations but that's the ONLY exception to the law.
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      >> That's not the FCC's view. In 1986 they passed the ECPA which made
      >> Cellular illegal to receive. In 1994, they expanded the ECPA to include
      >> Cordless, paging, STL, and some other frequency types.
      >> So, despite the fact they are transmitted over
      >> public airwaves, they are not legal to receive.
      >> Joe M.
      >> Walter Jinright wrote:
      >>> I thought so, but I also worked with one of the local agencies for many
      >>> years, I was a Major over Communications. When I showed our Chief of
      >>> Communications (Over all County Radio Systems), his exact words were,
      >>> put it out on the air, it becomes public information<snip>
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