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4998Re: [BCD396XT] 396XT Questions and FreeScan

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  • MCH
    Jan 7, 2011
      NAC is the P25 version of analog's CTCSS/CDCSS.

      To go directly to any channel, program the System Number Tag and Channel
      Number Tag, then press on the keypad "SNT.CNT" and hit the MENU button.

      "Yes" on the Startup Key question.

      Joe M.

      Matt Roberts wrote:
      > I'm in the process of programming a conventional system for my future BCD396XT. I see a field called "NAC" where the channel information is displayed, which defaults to SRCH. What is this field used for?
      > I also understand in a trunked system, it is possible to go directly to a talk group. What do you press to do this?
      > IF you have systems set to scan by default on a startup key, and you decide you want to scan different systems, can you just turn off what you don't want, and turn on what you want?
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