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4774RE: [BCD396XT] Internal parts

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  • Joe Polcari
    Nov 15, 2010
      It would help if when they designed it, they could put all external
      connections adjacent to each other, then they could be secured in a
      makeshift harness to reduce vibration, etc.

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      From: "Heaton, Timothy H. (USD)" <timothy.heaton@...>
      Sent: Mon, November 15, 2010 11:16
      Subject:RE: [BCD396XT] Internal parts

      I needed a new data jack for my BCD396T, and I got it for a very
      reasonable price at
      Uniden Parts (I bought several spares since the biggest charge was shipping).

      Speaking of repairs, I wonder if the BCD396XT uses the same
      jacks as the BCD396T, with which I've had numerous problems. After having to
      resolder and replace the data jack several times (a very delicate
      operation) I
      finally epoxied one to the circuit board, and it has held up well. I still
      have an
      intermittent connection between the data plug and jack for some reason, so I
      stabilize the data cable with rubber bands around the body of the scanner.

      Recently my speaker quit working, and then the audio jack became
      intermittent. I
      opened up the scanner yesterday and found 1) two of the solder joints
      holding the
      audio jack to the circuit board were broken loose, and 2) a black wire
      between the circuit boards was broken at one of the solder joints. A quick
      job fixed both problems, and the scanner is working nicely again!

      It may sound like I'm rough with my scanner, but actually I'm extremely
      careful with
      it. The problem is that I usually have cables plugged into every jack,
      both at home
      and on the road, and even mild vibrations eventually break the delicate


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