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4628Re: BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation and MinimalProgramming Support

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  • bigfella237
    Oct 19, 2010
      Matthew, what version of ProScan are you using that doesn't have a virtual display on the computer screen???

      Even the *free* ProScan client has the virtual display, everything that's on the scanner display is on the computer screen verbatim.

      And the big advantage is that ProScan displays this all the time, not just when you open a separate window for the virtual display!

      I was a big ARC fan myself until maybe six months ago, I had taken a brief look at ProScan in the past but it wasn't until I got sick of purchasing a new version of ARC every time I updated scanners that I took a serious look at ProScan and after using it for a while now I won't be going back to ARC software (just my personal opinion).


      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, Matthew Kurzon <mattjiva@...> wrote:
      > ~ Arc XT does have a "virtual radio" now, a live radio on the computer screen which does have an advantage: it shows the frequency of the station broadcasting.  I would like to see that in ProScan!  The radio, of course, does not show it. (Anyone care to prove me wrong?)
      > Matthew
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