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4627Re: [BCD396XT] Re: BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation and MinimalProgramming Support

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  • Matthew Kurzon
    Oct 19, 2010
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      I will need help in answering this but I'm pretty sure that you
      can put up more than one station on your computer using

      From: Richard Victor <victor@...>
      To: mattjiva@...
      Sent: Tue, October 19, 2010 12:40:58 PM
      Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Re: BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation and
      MinimalProgramming Support

        I'm not sure what you mean by ProScan can "run multiple stations from
      one radio."

      I've registered ProScan and ARC-XT and have contributed to FreeScan, but
      I'm not too enthused about ARC-XT and generally haven't been using it. 
      I find the authors of ProScan and FreeScan much more receptive to
      suggestions where my experience with Butel is that he's not as
      interested in suggestions and is more defensive.  I'm sure that others
      would see it differently.  I was using FreeScan to manage my database
      for programming the radio and ProScan for the operation of the radio,
      logging, and recording.  Over time I find that I'm now using ProScan
      almost exclusively for everything.  One big advantage of FreeScan,
      particularly for a new user, is that it's widely used and therefore
      makes a good format in which to get a database from some else or to send
      yours to someone else.

      I particularly like the fact that I can use ProScan to record just
      certain channels which was a feature that the author added some time ago
      at my request.

      BTW, in display mode 1, the radio displays the frequency on trunked
      channels and on display mode 2 it displays the frequency on conventional
      channels.  There doesn't appear to be a setting that does both. 
      However, the log in ProScan shows the frequency in either case.


      On 10/18/2010 1:20 PM, Matthew Kurzon wrote:
      > Dick,
      > I can think of a few advantages of ProScan: it can run multiple stations
      > from one radio, and it can stream your reception out to a friend over
      > the internet.  These stand out to me; since I just upgraded Arc XT to
      > Pro I don't know if it can do either of these but the list doesn't stop with
      > those.  I am happy with ProScan but since I started with Arc XT and
      > since it gives a different way of looking at the same basic situation,
      > programming frequencies into the radio, I like to keep it up to date as
      > well.  Amazing features like the ones I mentioned above, and more
      > I'm sure other people can state about ProScan if they wish to, can
      > possibly not be found anywhere else.  Arc XT does have a "virtual radio"
      > now, a live radio on the computer screen which does have an advantage:
      > it shows the frequency of the station broadcasting.  I would like to
      > see that in ProScan!  The radio, of course, does not show it. (Anyone
      > care to prove me wrong?)
      > Matthew
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      > From: Richard Victor<Victor@...>
      > To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Mon, October 18, 2010 1:42:39 PM
      > Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Re: BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation and
      > MinimalProgramming Support

      > Matthew,
      > Yes, that's what I meant by cross platform. That would be a major
      > advantage of BCPROGTOOL for some users if all else were equal. BCTool+
      > claims to work under WINE on Linux and *BSD.
      > I know that some have successfully run FreeScan on Macs running
      > Windows. The same may be true of ProScan and ARC-XT, but I don't recall.
      > The advantage of FreeScan, ProScan and ARC-XT, it seems to me, is that
      > they've been around awhile and have therefore had most of the bugs
      > resolved. From the original post in this thread it appears that
      > BCPROGTOOL may not have yet reached that stage and BCTool+ was still
      > ironing out some issues within the last few weeks when I was following
      > its development more closely than I am now.
      > The one thing that one can say for sure about the various programs is
      > that each person has different criteria by which they evaluate how well
      > a program meets his/her needs so it's really a good idea to try as many
      > as you can to find what's best for you.
      > Dick
      > On 10/18/2010 12:12 AM, Matthew Kurzon wrote:
      >> i noticed that arc xt pro has some nice new features,
      >> and proscan is fantastic in it's super complex abilities,
      >> yet it can simply program a bcd396xt as well
      >> so can arc xt; i like having both of these.. and having
      >> a lifetime membership is nice (both)
      >> question for ymmv, dick:
      >> this is simpleminded ok, but does cross platform=
      >> across different operating systems?
      >> thanks for your write up analyzing the various software
      >> programs by the way..
      >> matthew
      >> ________________________________
      >> From: Richard Victor<Victor@...>
      >> To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      >> Sent: Sun, October 17, 2010 11:25:08 PM
      >> Subject: Re: [BCD396XT] Re: BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation
      >> MinimalProgramming Support
      >> FreeScan doesn't cost money and works well. If you need the
      >> additional features, ProScan also works well and is, in my opinion, well
      >> worth the money. Many people are very pleased with ARC-XT.
      >> BCTool+ has recently been released and now includes support for the
      >> latest scanners. When last I checked the author was quickly resolving
      >> various bugs that are inherent in most new software. Don't know if he's
      >> gotten them all resolved as yet or not. It now has a paid version and a
      >> crippleware free version.
      >> I haven't tried BCPROGTOOL, but it appears that one of its big
      >> advantages is the cross platform support for those that need or want it.
      >> YMMV
      >> Dick
      >> On 10/17/2010 5:32 PM, Matthew Kurzon wrote:
      >>> 2 programs are arc xt and proscan, but they cost money!
      >>> ________________________________
      >>> From: warpedspeed<warpedspeed1@...>
      >>> To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      >>> Sent: Sat, October 16, 2010 10:58:39 PM
      >>> Subject: [BCD396XT] Re: BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation and
      >>> MinimalProgramming Support
      >>> Throwing my $0.02 in for the record.
      >>> I just received my BC396XT this weekend.
      >>> I had not purchased a scanner since I bought a TrunkTracker II ten years
      >>> However I do have a good handle on trunking technologies and methodologies,
      >>> re-banding, P25 IMBE, etc... I have had my hands on some of the newer
      > scanners
      >>> over the last decade to play with.
      >>> I knew that wrapping my hands around DMA would probably be my biggest
      >>> challenge.
      >>> I was wrong. BCPROGTOOL was my biggest challenge.
      >>> I does work, but with limitations.
      >>> Once I understood those limitations, I was off and running.
      >>> The first and hardest lessens are that it will NOT reliably create Trunk
      >>> Systems
      >>> and Sites. Your best bet is to do that on the scanner. You can let the
      > scanner
      >>> use the default number/name combinations when you create those items, and
      > then
      >>> use BCPROGTOOL to edit them.
      >>> If you try to perform these tasks with the software, you will receive a
      >> variety
      >>> of error messages along the lines of unable to create, but in less
      >>> understandable syntax than that.
      >>> One thing to watch out for at all times with this software, is that the
      >> program
      >>> will "stall" for lack of a better word. I always kept the main panel of the
      >>> program off to the side, so that I could see if the message appeared in the
      >>> status line at the bottom of the panel indicated that it needed to
      >>> There is a Restart button on the BCPROGTOOL keypad so that you can easily
      >>> re-initialize the connection. This is different that using "Connect" to
      >>> initially connect to the scanner. If the program stalls while in one of the
      >>> other editing screens, you will not be able to write your changes to the
      >>> scanner, and the program may freeze. So make sure that you check the status
      > of
      >>> the main panel before performing any actions against the scanner.
      >>> Once the Systems and Sites are initialized in the scanner, then most
      >> everything
      >>> works as expected. Of course, the best way to load Talk Groups is with a
      >>> file. In fact, there is a bug there with the Talk Groups too. You are
      > supposed
      >>> to be able to past information from a table into the program. That part
      >>> initially appears to work, and then you can choose which columns of data are
      >>> valid and assign the appropriate data types to the appropriate columns. It
      >>> really looks promising when you get this far... However when you tell it to
      >>> import, the program just gives a "blank stare". Nothing is imported.
      >>> What you can do, is manually created a Group or two, and then manually
      >> populate
      >>> the Group(s) with just a few Talk Groups. Make sure that you set all of the
      >>> options that you might want for each Talk Group, including screen colors.
      >> Next,
      >>> "Download from Radio" in the "Program Radio" menu. This will create backups
      > of
      >>> all of the Systems in the scanner. At least one of the files that will be
      >>> backed
      >>> up will be a new .CSV file, with the name of the Group(s) that you created
      >>> part of the file name. This is your template. Now you can cut and paste from
      >>> what ever frequency sources that you have, creating your own group
      >>> configurations in that file, using the editor of your choice.
      >>> Next, go back to edit the System of interest in BCPROGTOOL. In the Talk
      >>> screen, there is a button that allows you to load / import a file. Choose
      >>> file that you manually edited and then you will see it populate your Talk
      >> Group
      >>> information in the Group tables.
      >>> This will get you going. Most other things work as advertised.
      >>> It is safe to say that I got what I paid for, and spent some time figuring
      >> this
      >>> stuff out. But I also now have a scanner that just arrived about 24 hours
      > ago,
      >>> fully setup with multiple trunked systems, analog and P25, and a
      >>> system. I have some more Systems to setup, but from here it will be
      > relatively
      >>> easy.
      >>> I found time to do this while dealing with the normal weekend tasks of yard
      >>> work, vehicle repair, family time, a few hours sleep, etc...
      >>> 73,
      >>> Dean
      >>> --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Joe Polcari"<Joe@...>  wrote:
      >>>> Once you get used to it, it works great!
      >>>> ----- Original Message -----
      >>>> From: "Keith"<kilowattradio@...>
      >>>> Sent: Mon, August 2, 2010 10:01
      >>>> Subject:[BCD396XT] BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation and
      >>>> MinimalProgramming Support
      >>>> For TCL/TK software cross platform support. Works and designed for Mac OS
      >>>> Unix, Linux, Windows 98+ and any other platform that supports TCL/TK
      >>>> software serial port communications.
      >>>> Comments from users:
      >>>> Works great!
      >>>> Worst piece of S**T out there!
      >>>> http://home.comcast.net/~kilowattradio/bcprogtool/
      >>>> --
      >>>> Best Regards, Keith
      >>>> http://home.comcast.net/~kilowattradio/
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