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4625Re: [BCD396XT] Re: BCProgTool.TCL for cross platform XT Operation and MinimalProgramming Support

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  • Keith
    Oct 19 4:10 AM
      [posted to <BCD396XT.yahoogroups.com> & emailed]
      On Sun, 17 Oct 2010 02:58:39 -0000, "warpedspeed" <warpedspeed1@...>

      > I does work, but with limitations.
      > Once I understood those limitations, I was off and running.
      > The first and hardest lessens are that it will NOT reliably create Trunk Systems and Sites. Your best bet is to do that on the scanner. You can let the scanner use the default number/name combinations when you create those items, and then use BCPROGTOOL to edit them.
      > If you try to perform these tasks with the software, you will receive a variety of error messages along the lines of unable to create, but in less understandable syntax than that.
      > One thing to watch out for at all times with this software, is that the program will "stall" for lack of a better word. I always kept the main panel of the program off to the side, so that I could see if the message appeared in the status line at the bottom of the panel indicated that it needed to "restart". There is a Restart button on the BCPROGTOOL keypad so that you can easily re-initialize the connection. This is different that using "Connect" to initially connect to the scanner. If the program stalls while in one of the other editing screens, you will not be able to write your changes to the scanner, and the program may freeze. So make sure that you check the status of the main panel before performing any actions against the scanner.

      Ok Let me explain. By design the software will stop the reading of the
      comport radios status when you go into program system, talk groups or
      system edit mode.
      This is to prevent the problems you encountered with programming the radio
      that would not program in the system reliably. When you finish or exit the
      program screen mode the radio should restart the comport status display on
      the main screen, if not THEN you press the restart key.

      While the radio is being polled by the comport you would send your
      programming commands to the radio and the inputting of the programmed
      information can lead to a comport lockup or misreading of the command
      response. Instead of receiving a OK,BLAH,BLAH the program receives

      To prevent the problem don't have the software polling the serial port
      while attempting to program the radio, which is the default setting in the
      software. If you have several TK widgets displayed and poll the radios
      comport it causes the computer to slow down or hang also.

      This is a limitation of the TK software, but with other scanner control
      programs you will notice the same problems of hanging when polling the
      comport for status display updates and programming or moving around a
      program window while polling the radio's comport.


      Best Regards, Keith

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