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4482Re: [BCD396XT] Tone Lockout

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  • Clark Rennie
    Aug 10, 2010
      Thanks Joe,
      I missed it by having the Audio Type set to "All".
      I should have learned that by now.


      At 07:09 PM 8/10/2010, you wrote:

      >I know the 396XT has it and I'm pretty sure the 396T has it as well.
      >The CTCSS/CDCSS options are under audio settings. Set it for analog
      >only, then "Set Lockout", then select CTCSS/CDCSS, then set the
      >tone/code you don't want to hear.
      >Joe M.
      >Clark Rennie wrote:
      > > Does the BCD396XT or the T have the PL Tone lockout feature ?
      > > I have gone thru the Menu settings and don't see that feature but some 3rd
      > > party software seems to have it in menus.
      > > Both FreeSCAN and ARCXT have a Tone LO column but it doesn't seem to
      > > lockout the PL I have entered.
      > >
      > > Clark
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