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  • Matthew Kurzon
    Aug 9, 2010
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      Hi Shell,

      It is a very beautiful piece of equipment, no doubt!!

      Thanks for the information..  I am going to save it and possibly one day
      this very nice equipment!

      Wonderful, many thanks for this..


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      Subject: [BCD396XT] Re: 396XT and Remote Head, but...

      Hi Matthew,
      Actually, all of the software programs (FreeSCAN, ARC and ProScan) for the 396XT
      (and several other scanners) have the Digital picture on the computer screen.
      Some of them are more sophisticated than others in what you can do with them. I
      have and actually use all three because there are certain features on each one
      which I like better than the others.

      I use the remote head in the car so I don't have to take my eyes off the road if
      something is going on and I want to see what department it is. At home and at
      the office I might not be next to the radio, but if I have the remote head
      hooked up I can glance over to the bookshelf next to my desk and see who it is.
      I cannot see the readout on the radio from that distance and I do not run the
      software on my computer - that's for work, not for the scanner software. So the
      remote head fits my needs perfectly.

      You can read all about it on the Scannermaster website:



      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, Matthew Kurzon nemattjiva@...> wrote:
      > Hi Shell,
      > Thanks!  I am using ProScan, which is a programming software for the 396xt. 
      > also has
      > a nice big picture (real time) of the unit as a base station, with working
      > buttons and knobs,
      > including volume and squelch.  I don't always plug in and use this thing,
      > because the radio
      > is just fine as a scanner the way it is.
      > I am interested in looking into the remote head you are talking about, if you
      > can give me a little
      > more info I can use to look it up.
      > Thanks,
      > Matthew
      > ________________________________
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      > Sent: Sun, August 8, 2010 10:25:46 AM
      > Subject: [BCD396XT] Re: 396XT and Remote Head, but...
      > Hi Matthew,
      > A remote head unit is a unit which provides complete control, including volume

      > and squelch, for several of the Uniden scanners. It also has a larger screen.
      > (obviously) connects to the scanner and can be placed conveniently pretty much

      > wherever one wants it. Most often one uses it in their car or truck, which is
      > what I've done for the past several years and continue to do so. I have another
      > one (actually two) and want to use them at home and at work. It's much easier
      > for me to glance up at the readout on the remote head and see what's going on,

      > where I have it located, than to read it on my 396XTs. I have always preferred

      > the 396XTs for several reasons and thus have made sure I purchased a remote
      > whenever I bought one.
      > If you'd like to see what they look like you can do a Google search on the web

      > and several locations will pop up, both showing you what they look like as well
      > as some locations which have them for sale right now. Uniden no longer has them
      > in stock but several of their distributors do.
      > As I mentioned in my previous post, the remote head really is one of my
      > items Uniden has produced! I particularly like it in the car because where I
      > have it located, it's much safer. I have it mounted on the dashboard, all the
      > way forward, just slightly below my line of sight. So if a call comes in I can

      > lower my eyes just slightly, to see what it is, and still be able to watch the

      > road.
      > Hope that gives you some info on the Uniden Remote Head. There's a lot more on

      > sites like Scannermaster and others.
      > Shell


      Again, many thanks to Mike Martin and pdejonck!

      I went by Radio Shack this afternoon and less than 5 minutes later I left with
      the proper AC power supply for the remote head. Appreciate your help - it was
      exactly what I needed!


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