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4468RE: [BCD396XT] 396XT and Remote Head, but...

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  • Michael Martin
    Aug 7, 2010
      Yes you can use an AC-DC power supply. Uniden makes the AD-1009 (if I read
      it right) output of 13.8 VDC 750 mA. Center pin is +.


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      Subject: [BCD396XT] 396XT and Remote Head, but...

      Hi all,
      This may be an easy question, but then again it may not be. I've used a
      remote head first with my 396T then my 396XT in my car since it was
      released. No problem with it - I love it! Now I want to use a second remote
      head in a different way - at home, using AC power. Hmmm

      I seem to remember (and as much as I hate it, I don't remember things as
      well as I used to!) that there is a way to hook up AC power to the remote
      head. But, I can't remember how to do it! The specs for the remote head show
      the input voltage as 13.8 Vdc (11.0 - 16.6Vdc). So what would I use for AC
      power going to the remote head? I'm anything but savvy at things like this
      (obviously!). LOL

      Help please!



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