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424LTR Capabilities

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  • Terry (SC21)
    Mar 4, 2009
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      Will there be in this radio or ever any in Uniden radios, the support to
      be able to monitor LTR & EDACS frequencies and be able to obtain the LCN
      via simply monitoring the frequency?

      This is a great feature on GREs and would love to see it on Unidens.

      If you need a better explanation, please ask.


      Terry Weatherford, WX9SAR
      IL/MO/MI Admin - RadioReference.com

      MCH wrote:

      That's only a two-step process, though. What I was talking about below
      is a 10-20 step attenuation that could be applied by the user on a
      global scale. IOW, rather than ATT on/off, it would be ATT -20 to
      +20 in
      say 2 or 4 dB steps. Each channel could have its own offset, too, so
      channels with little to no intermod could be +20 at all times while
      channels that are problems even in rural areas could be set to -20.

      Many times, the 2-step ATT option is not adequate on some scanners. The
      ATT OFF overloads and the ATT ON doesn't have enough sensitivity. Hence
      my desire for user selectable attenuation steps.

      I'm sure it's way too late for this in the XT, but it would be nice to
      see in the future in some upper tier models.

      Joe M.

      Uniden UPMan wrote:
      > At one point I had made the suggestion that one could make a "City"
      and "Rural" version of a system...City with ATT turned on and Rural with
      ATT turned off, each version appropriately GPS controlled.
      > UPMan
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