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4231Re: [BCD396XT] P25 Systems?

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  • Uniden UPMan
    Jul 2, 2010
      If properly programmed and receiving well, when you press HOLD on either system
      it should show that system's SysID-SiteID.

      If it doesn't show, then you aren't getting a good receive of the control
      channel. As long as these are programmed as P25 (not Motorola), you should be
      able to receive them.

      From: chavalo007 <bhall007@...>
      To: BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Fri, July 2, 2010 2:43:10 PM
      Subject: [BCD396XT] P25 Systems?


      I'm trying to setup my BCD396XT to monitor the digital P25 systems Prosper
      Public Safety system (http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=6527), and
      Frisco Public Safety (http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=6630).

      I have programmed both systems using FreeSCAN, but unfortunately, I'm not
      hearing anything. I understand that both are test systems, but from hearing
      others on the RR forums discuss activity on these systems, I think I'm missing
      something. Is there anything special I have to do (such as the band plan
      settings) to hear these systems?


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