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4221RE: [BCD396XT] Re: Issue with USB-1 and Arc-xt pro Win7 64-bit

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  • Tim Woodward
    Jul 1, 2010
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      Hi Ted,

      Yeah that jives with the response that I got back just this morning from
      Butel.nl, thanks for making me feel like I'm going crazy and I'm the only

      "We have traced this problem down to the prolific device driver under
      win7/64 bit and have reported this to prolific. Hopefully they can fix their
      faulty driver. "

      Problem for me is I have another USB to Serial cable and it unfortunately
      uses the Prolific chip and driver.
      It definately is related to Windows 7 64-bit and the driver from Prolific
      and I have used older versions, the newest version as well as the Vista

      Hopefully Prolific will fix this quickly as I bought the USB-1 cable because
      it was sanctioned by Uniden and supposed to work. So now I have two usb to
      serial cables and software that all don't work, weird that Freescan doesn't
      have the same issue using the exact same driver, as Gommert from Butel puts
      it it's just supposed to be like reading from an rs-232 port after all.

      Thanks Again, Tim

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      --- In BCD396XT@yahoogroups.com, "Tim Woodward" <twoodward@...> wrote:

      I too have had problems with ARC-XT and various serial connections to my
      BCD396XT on my Windows 7 x64 machines. I've tried it with the USB-1 and
      several different USB-to-Serial converters. The problem I have is just as
      you described - changing the BAUD rate really doesn't seem to make any
      difference. I also have no serial problems when using FreeScan or ProScan.

      I have found one USB-to-Serial connector with which I do not have any
      serial problems. That is the Micro Connectors Dual Serial Adapter. It does
      not use the Prolific device driver (as used by all the other usb-to-serial
      adapters and the USB-1).

      My suspicion is that there is a very small incompatibility with the
      Prolific x64 drivers that is revealed by ARC-XT. This leads to a dead-lock
      state (ARC-XT and the Serial Driver get stuck waiting for each other). That
      being said - ARC-XT doesn't appear to be very fault tolerant of serial
      communication errors (as the other software packages appear to be).

      I've reported my problems to BUTEL.

      Hope this adds to the discussion.


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