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4012Re: [BCD396XT] My 2cents on the 396XT

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  • J. Newell
    May 3, 2010
      My patience, eyesight and eye/hand coordination would make manual entry a bad bet! I'm glad there are folks who are willing to do it, but the computer is a huge benefit for me. YMMV...


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      It depends on how much stuff you have to program, and how much time you have
      to do it. I have approx 221 systems & 278 sites, almost all with GPS info.

      I wouldn't say you have to be nuts to program by hand, just patient :)



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      Subject: [BCD396XT] My 2cents on the 396XT

      People say you have to be crazy to program the 396XT by hand, well, im a
      lunatic because i have done just that with 50 Systems programmed...Its great
      fun and after awhile its gets real easy...Im retired and what a good way to
      have spent the winter months...I have my home city in three different
      "systems" designed differently so when certain things happen using the "hold
      on system" is a great feature...In my opinion this is one of the best
      scanners i have owned in 40 years of scanning....I owned a 246xt and 396t
      previous so the programming came easy ...I did print the early manual which
      was on the FCC approved site of this scanner and it was only about 110
      pages...Also going to www.marksscanners.com was a big help being the other
      early models were similiar....

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