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392antenna comparison

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  • Joe Polcari
    Feb 26, 2009
      I finally bought an RH77 based on what everyone keeps saying about it.
      I was using the radio-shack 800 MHz antenna.
      I have to say that the RH77 is better by at least 3db on every band above
      100 Mhz except 800 MHz.
      On 800 the RS is about 3db, but not more than 3db, better.
      I didn't test low band as I don't have any consistant traffic there but I
      did test Channel 2 TV audio and the RH77 is better there as well.

      So if 800 MHz is where you hear most of your traffic, use the RS antenna,
      otherwise, the RH77 is definitely better.

      I am using an MFJ mag mount as it allows the antennas to be used on the
      radio or on the car.

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