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3901Re: [BCD396XT] Using mulitple radios on one antenna

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  • MCH
    Apr 1, 2010
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      You should be fine, but be aware that desense and overload are issues
      you will want to keep an eye on.

      Joe M.

      J Harrell wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > Hope this is not off topic here on this list, if it is please delete it. My
      > question is about using one antenna to hook to 3 different scanners. I have
      > 3 scanners currently hooked up to a Scantenna about 60feet up. I have the
      > coax coming into the house and hooked onto a 3 way splitter (tv type). Was
      > considering a multicopler as discussed in another post but can see putting
      > out that kind of cost at the moment. ($200) I do however have a old UHF/VHF
      > distribution amplifier laying around not doing anything. It has one input
      > and 4 outputs. I hooked all my radios to this earlier and was able to
      > increase signal on my radios as before i was only getting static. I know it
      > is not ideal but it seems to work ok for my situation. Main question is by
      > using this distribution amplifier would it harm any of my radios by using
      > it?
      > Amplifier is made by Winston Model 1800
      > Anyone know if there would be any harm in using it as it does seem to help
      > pull in weak signals just don't want to overload the radios and desense
      > them.
      > Thanks,
      > Joey
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