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3898A Programming Question/Help

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  • Cris Hanna
    Apr 1, 2010
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      So I have a PSR 600 mobile and BCD396 XT handheld

      I know that in the P25 systems typically you simply need the control
      channels and the rest is taken care of

      The latest version of PSREdit defaults to just importing the primary and
      alternate CCs for Trunked systems

      I've looked at Freescan and ARC XT PRO

      In FreeScan under Import> Radio Reference > Options

      Enable Control Channel only mode by default

      Only download control channels.

      I didn't find a similar option in ARC XT PRO..anyone?

      Also in PSREdit, Trunking imports defaults to a Roaming with High and Low
      setting to allow you to grab the strongest signal in a multisite/simulcast

      I'm not finding any such options in either FreeScan or ARC XT

      Thanks in advance to help me over the learning curve

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