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3807Re: [BCD396XT] Re: USB to Serial Adapter

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  • Rich Carlson
    Mar 8, 2010
      I have used several different models, including the Aten and IO Gear.

      You can also use the USB-1 USB programming cable ($19.95 from
      Scannermaster). Just be sure to download the proper driver for your
      version of Windows from the ScannerMaster website.
      > Hello,
      > Just wondering if anyone on the group uses a laptop with a USB to serial
      > adapter to program their BCD396XT?  I have a laptop without a serial port
      > and would like to get a usb adapter that would allow me to program my radio.
      > Next question is would anyone know of one that is sold online for less than
      > $15 that supports Win98 thru Windows 7 64bit?  I currently have Windows
      > Vista 32bit but I would like to upgrade in the future to Windows 7 64bit and
      > would like to have a adapter that will work with it.  Anyone know of a
      > adapter that will work?

      Rich Carlson, N9JIG
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