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347Re: Re: [BCD396XT] MPT System

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  • johnstark
    Jan 22 6:34 AM

      There is a big difference between a radio system and software. As for MPT
      systems there probably isn't a state with more than 12 in the entire state,
      and none are public safety. It doesn't make sense for Uniden America to
      support a non-public safety system that some states don't even have at all.
      Unidens divisions each have their priorities, they have nothing to do with
      Rob or BCTool, Rob made the decision to have BCTool support across multiple
      versions of the Uniden scanner, for him it made sense as there was a market,
      free or not I'm sure the donations went up when he began supporting the US
      Basically the MPT situation needs to be dealt with the Uniden divisions
      outside the US, the American market has no real use for it since very few
      businesses use it..... You want it on the Ausie or Euro scanners then
      complain to the appropriate divisions, complaing to Uniden America will just
      get ignored.


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      > Well i am surprised at your response as bcTool was created for uk users
      > and did we complain when you wanted us features added? No we did not we
      > let it all go ahead as we were happy for it to work for everyone.
      > Melv
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