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345Re: [BCD396XT] MPT System

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  • MCH
    Jan 22, 2009
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      bcTool was created due to issues with another product. Those issues
      exist worldwide. If Rob Parker had an American division and a UK
      division, I would not argue that features that don't apply to the USA be
      included in his USA products. You also have to consider that there are
      more 'customers' in the USA than in Europe, and financially it made
      sense for him to cater to that market. When it comes to the scanners,
      the opposite is true. While there are many who want MPT support, it
      pales in comparison to the USA market who doesn't want to pay more for a
      feature that would be largely unused. Again, Uniden has a European
      division that caters to the European market.

      Fact is that Uniden has at least three divisions all with scanner
      product responsibilities in different parts of the world. Each one I'm
      sure has profit statements, and I doubt Uniden USA wants to compromise
      theirs just to cater to worldwide markets. IOW, the return on the
      investment likely isn't enough to justify the costs.

      Again, if you write to Uniden's HQ, and there is enough support, they
      should add it to their UK models (much like was done with Rob Parker
      adding features to his products which happen to be for models worldwide).

      It's odd to hear other parts of the world demanding involvement from USA
      companies when many parts of the world want the USA to keep to ourselves
      more and attack us when we don't. Of course the UK is more civilized
      than some parts of the world. :-)

      Joe M.

      MRI wrote:
      > Well i am surprised at your response as bcTool was created for uk users and did we complain when you wanted us features added? No we did not we let it all go ahead as we were happy for it to work for everyone.
      > Melv
      > MCH wrote:
      >> Yes, there are a few systems, but enough to justify the R&D of adding
      >> it? I doubt it. It would be much more logical for Uniden Europe (or
      >> whatever they are called) to foot the cost of development for it since
      >> it would be used much more there - just as Uniden America footed the
      >> bill for P25 and many other features. I bet they footed the bill for
      >> most of the current lineup which was of benefit to all the Uniden
      >> divisions. IOW, is everyone else benefiting from Uniden America's work?
      >> Or is Uniden Japan doing all the work for everyone and making decisions
      >> based upon sales figures as to whose want list gets priority?
      >> MPT1327 would be nice, but the demand just isn't there in North America.
      >> There is much more demand for Open Sky (3 statewide systems at the
      >> peak), and that isn't happening either. Granted, OS is proprietary, and
      >> I *think* MPT is an open standard. Still, it likely costs money
      >> somewhere over and above the R&D costs.
      >> Also, given the current economic conditions, I doubt there are many
      >> companies willing to put a lot of resources into something that most
      >> people could care less about and would never use. I think most of the
      >> systems in North America are in Canada, and I've never noticed that
      >> Canada is a big importer of any of the Uniden models. Sure, there are
      >> some users there, but I bet it's in the lower single digit percentages.
      >> In short, Uniden America is going to go with that gets them the most
      >> return on their investment, and sorry to say I bet MPT just isn't where
      >> that is.
      >> I also understand that Uniden Europe isn't that responsive, but there is
      >> little Uniden America can do about that - especially if they have
      >> internal agreements to not intentionally "tramp on each other's toes".
      >> If Uniden Europe isn't responsive, write letters to Uniden Japan or ask
      >> them to include MPT. IF they see enough support, they should add it.
      >> Joe M.
      >> Mike Iszak wrote:
      >>> MPT1327 is semi popular in North America as well
      >>> However,
      >>> MPT is based on a "one to one" model as opposed to a "one to many"
      >>> model which is what LTR, EDACS, SmartNET/Zone and so on are based on
      >>> Because of this, tracking groups isn't as easy as it is with other
      >>> systems.
      >>> To put it in more common use, imagine a SmartNet system using private
      >>> calls for the majority of calls, with group calls just being many
      >>> private calls stacked together
      >>> Not the most convenient way to do business...
      >>> Sent from my iPod
      >>> On 21-Jan-09, at 18:04, MCH < mch@... > wrote:
      >>>> One problem with that fact... the XT for this list is being developed
      >>>> for Uniden *America* which is North America only.
      >>>> Maybe they will add it to the UBCD396XT (if they make one).
      >>>> Joe M.
      >>>> Wayne wrote:
      >>>>> According to a quick search I've done on Google MPT trunking is
      >>>> used in 85 countries of the world I'd say that's a pretty big chunk
      >>>> of the world and a good reason for Uniden to include it in a new
      >>>> high end trunking scanner.
      >>>>> http://www.mpt1327- usa.org/introduc tion.htm
      >>>>> http://www.google. com.au/search? client=firefox- a&rls=org. mozilla%3Aen- US%3Aofficial& channel=s& hl=en&q=countrie s+that+use+ mpt+trunking& meta=&btnG= Google+Search
      >>>>> Regards
      >>>>> Wayne
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