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320Re: [BCD396XT] Decoding simulcast P25 systems

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  • MCH
    Jan 21, 2009
      Given the price difference, I think the 396 does a great job. Much of
      that price difference is going to be due to the transmitting abilities
      of the XTS as well as some additional P25 VOCODER licensing fees, but
      still, for $500 the 396 holds it's own very well.

      The XTS does have better sensitivity, but that is to be expected of a
      unit designed for a specific band. You cannot compare that to the broad
      front end of a scanner.

      It's probably better that the 396 doesn't have more sensitivity - just
      ask any GRE scanner owner who travels into 'RF rich' areas. Their slight
      sensitivity advantage quickly becomes a disadvantage.

      Joe M.

      johnstark wrote:
      > Also you honestly cannot compare a
      > $3000 radio to a $500 scanner.... thats just common sense.
      > John
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